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At Solution2Care Services we do have process we follow before we commence care with and for you, which allows us to not only know you but also be able to put a person-centred care plan in place.



Step 1: Initial Enquiry

Once we receive your initial enquiry we will go through the types of care that we can offer, taking into consideration your preferences and care needs.

Step 2: Homecare Assessment

We carry out an assessment where our dedicated management team will visit you at home to fully understand your care needs. They will also carry out general risk assessments across the property.

Step 3: Finalise Costings

Following our home visit, we will put together the final quote and agree these with you.

Step 4: Generate and confirm care plan

We will confirm your care plan with you, your family or representative and any other healthcare professionals involved in your care.

Step 5: Identify your care team

We will identify the care team that meets your care needs and preferences. A start date will then be agreed between all relevant parties.

Step 6: Delivery of your care

We will commence your care.

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